A Father’s Heart


As a mom and wife, I have enjoyed watching my husband interacting with our children over the years.  Quite honestly, neither of us had much experience with children and had very little confidence about this “parenting thing.”  Through God’s amazing Grace, we have grown to realize that there is no greater joy in life than to raise up these little people in character and integrity, with a firm understanding of the gospel and the operation of the Kingdom of God, so that we can one day release them into the world with a vision and purpose to pierce through the darkness and reflect His glorious light, and as a result change their world. Continue reading

Chewing the Cud


Several years ago our family relocated from our familiar city surroundings and plopped ourselves down in a small rural community looking to  provide a wholesome natural lifestyle for our children where they could run, play, and squeal with delight without disturbing neighbors.  We wanted them to understand eggs came from chickens rather than grocery store shelves and a hard day’s work results in an empowering sense of satisfaction that trumps the best of video games. Continue reading