Where Must I Hide?

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The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.    Proverbs 18:10

At the time these words were written, a strong tower was a place of complete and total safety designed so that anyone who ran into one was virtually untouchable because there was no weaponry of the day that could compromise its thick impenetrable walls.  Perhaps inhabitants could be starved out over time, but the structure itself was a protection beyond compare. Continue reading

My True Love


Love!  Aaahhhh!  Stirs up dreamy imaginations of affections lavished upon us as we relish in the indulgences of the one who adores us so!  Oh, to be the center of someone’s world!  To focus on the one who cannot live without me, this person who sacrifices all their desires in order to satisfy and care for me!  What can I do for this person to please them because they have been so good to me?  Ah, yes!  This is Love!  Or is it? Continue reading

New Year New You!


Have you ever wondered why it is that every year when we establish for ourselves goals for the new year, those common “new year’s resolutions,” we seem ineffective in keeping them?  The desire to effectuate change in ourselves is strong, the commitment firmly established.  Yet for all the tenacity, our energy wanes throughout the winter months, our endurance washed away with the rains of spring. Continue reading

Joining Journeys



As always happens with a new year, everyone is focused on goals.  You know, those ones you had every intention of achieving but fell short last year.  Somehow the change of the year presents itself as a fresh start, beckoning like a siren’s song full of assurances – of promises finally fulfilled and goals easily attained.  This year will be different!  This year I will finally reach that mark of success! Continue reading

Real Life for the New Creation


Once I became a new creation in Christ, the process of transformation began to be exhibited.   In the Post Tarrying for Transformation I established that the process of renewing the mind is what transforms outward actions and behaviors over a period of time.


Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.  James 1:4


I suspect this process to be ongoing yet Paul did reach a point he could say, “I have fought the good fight.  I have finished the race.” (II Timothy 4:7)  It implies an idea of completion.


I safely say I am no where near completion, Continue reading

The Journey Home


I once scurried down a long wide road enticed by chaos and stress that had been cleverly  masked as pleasures and excitement.  Like a donkey blindly led, I trotted hard after the shimmering carrot reflecting grand illusions of promises that I would never get my hands on.  The enticing carrot blinded me to the destruction that lay just ahead on that path and to the harsh task-master holding a wicked whip ready to strike furiously with hardship at any time. Continue reading

The Whole Truth! And Nothin’ But the Truth!


I love the Word of God so much! It is my life, my breath, my substance, my meat; it is everything to me! I eat it, live it, breathe it and love being fully immersed in it. But it was not always so. For many years, I meandered through the lifestyle called “church.” I cleaned up my act, gussied up and washed out my filthy mouth so I could be accepted into this new intriguing environment I had been introduced into. I gave myself to the Lord, yet there were many areas still all mine. Over the years, God, through His rich mercy, led me through tough spots where I could have easily fallen away from the faith. I had no sustenance of my own, no real root in the Word of God. I relied on others to spoon feed me.


The thing that woke me up was when I realized that several people I knew who where very mature in the Lord and very passionate about their walk had conflicting doctrines in particular areas. Each believed the foundational crux of the gospel of Christ crucified making restitution for our sins. But there were other areas where they were opposed (examples such as is healing for today, rapture, interpreting the book of Revelation, etc). This left me in serious quandary. I wanted to know truth. I earnestly desired to walk in truth. But who was correct? Continue reading